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A brazen intruder smashed his way into an optician’s shop to grab designer sunglasses worth thousands of pounds. The burglar kicked and hammered open the front door of Evington Eyecare, in Evington, Leicester this week, picked up a 6ft display cabinet and ran away. The Downing Drive shop has released CCTV footage of the break-in, which happened shortly after 1.30am on Tuesday last.

Another local optician’s shop was targeted in a similar fashion a few days earlier. Toni Marston, manager of Evington Eyecare, said: “It was all caught on our CCTV system, which we’d put in only a few weeks ago. When he first came he kicked the door three or four times and managed to damage the lock but he didn’t get in. He came back a few minutes later with a lump hammer and smashed the door and got in and went straight to the sunglasses display cabinet, picked it up and left. You don’t run very far down the street holding a 6ft cabinet, so we are assuming he is local.”

"The cabinet contained 18 pairs of Serengeti (CORR) non-prescription sunglasses, ranging in price from £165 to £195 a pair", Ms Marston said. She added: “We called one of the other local opticians to give them the heads-up and they said ‘it’s strange you’re calling us because the same thing happened to us a few days ago’ !
“They also had sunglasses stolen, so we wonder if it’s the same person who has burgled both of us. This is the time of year when we sell a lot of sunglasses. I just wonder if he took them because he knew he would be able to sell them easily.”

Citywatch, a Neighbourhood Watch-style group for retailers and bars in Leicester, said shoplifters tend to steal holiday items at this time of year.

Dick Pollard, of Citywatch, said: “Shoplifting is seasonal and this is the time of year when we often see people stealing sunglasses and sun lotion.
“Thieves see a gap in the market and won’t steal things they think they won’t be able to sell quickly.”

A Leicestershire Police spokeswoman said an investigation was underway.

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