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A student jailed for eight months for a nightclub punch-up rudely shouted "F*** you" to the judge as he was escorted to the cells.

Judge Simon Hammond had earlier praised the mechanical engineering undergraduate, Dean Brogan, for trying to better himself at university. After sentencing he said: "I hope the university will give him the chance to resume his course."

Brogan appeared shocked on learning his fate and paced the dock holding his head in his hands. The 20-year-old then angrily glared at the judge, who told him: "No use giving me a look like that either." After disappearing from the dock Brogan, 20, was then heard to loudly shout: "F*** you."

Judge Hammond raised his eyebrows and remarked: "He's not very repentant is he?" Although it was clearly a contempt of court, the judge did not pursue the matter. Leicester Crown Court was told that De Montfort University student Brogan was in the Republic nightclub in the city centre in the early hours of March 20. He intervened in a verbal exchange involving his friend, who was being admonished by others for inappropriately touching a female. The victim, a 19-year-old male medical student, warned the defendant's friend that he could be reported to the police for his misbehaviour.

Alan Murphy, prosecuting, said that Brogan, who had nothing to do with the incident, suddenly intervened and punched the medical student on the back of the head. He then punched him to the face and left eye, causing two lumps on his head. Brogan, who was "clearly drunk," was detained and arrested. The defendant, of Tangle Grove, South West London, admitted common assault. The offence also put him in breach of an eight month suspended detention sentence, imposed in January 2014 for house burglary. He also had earlier previous convictions for aggravated vehicle taking and an attempted burglary. Brogan received four months for the assault with four months of the suspended sentence activated consecutively.

Judge Hammond said: "This was typical gratuitous violence in a night club. People are entitled to go out and have fun with friends in pubs and club without being assaulted. The defendant has great potential and deserves all credit for doing well academically in spite of his background; I admire people who have done work for themselves like this. But he's already had three chances from the courts."

Michael Coley, mitigating, said Brogan was anxious to be able start the second year of his course. He said the defendant had tried to better himself academically without having had any contact with his parents for 10 years. He said: "He's not had the advantage of responsible adults in his life to tell him where the limits of his behaviour ought to lie. He's allowed himself, on occasions, to fall in with the wrong crowd. He accepts alcohol played a part."

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