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The school holidays are in full swing across Leicestershire and with much of the county heading off on its summer break over the next few weeks, many homes will be left unoccupied for a couple of weeks.

Households are being urged to take care of their home and 'safe proof' it to avoid any potential dramas while they are away and possible nasty surprises upon their return.

Here are ten top tips for keeping your home safe while you go away:

* Unplug electrical appliances and turn off the boiler

* Clear gutters in case of heavy rain

* Turn off the water stopcock

* Give a key to a friend or neighbour to check your home – as well as giving them the number of your agent - and leave another key with your agent so they can carry on showing potential buyers around the property if you are selling

* Leave your contact details with someone in case of an emergency

* Ensure all windows, doors, sheds, garages are locked and don't leave keys on view

* Lock the back gate and make sure ladders are out of sight or locked away in a shed or garage

* Make sure there is no left over food lying around which could attract pests

* If you have an alarm, turn it on and give your key holders the code

* Put a couple of lights on a timer to make your home appear lived in

Su Snaith, Head of Estate Agency for Harrison Murray (part of The Nottingham Building Society), said: 'It is surprising the number of people who return home to some kind of domestic drama – ranging from a water leak to broken down appliances. But many home emergencies can be avoided with a little forward thinking and practical steps. She added: 'The security of your home when you go away on holiday or a short break is paramount. We advise that a neighbour or friend should 'keep an eye' on the property while you are away – and if you are selling your property, ensure your agent has a key. Simple things could go unnoticed and no-one wants to come back after a week or two to find something wrong with the house – either storm damage, a leak or power failure.'

Do you have any unusual methods for keeping your house safe while you are on holiday? Let us know below.

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