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A drug dealer caught with a stash of MCat and cocaine in a nightclub has been jailed for two years and four months. Shane Baker was stopped and searched by door staff at the Amber Rooms in Loughborough, because he appeared under the influence of drugs. Leicester Crown Court was told that Baker, 48, was found in possession of 16 wraps of MCat and 11 small deals of cocaine. Stephen Lowne, prosecuting, said the total street value of the drugs was £980.

Baker, of Clifford Road, Loughborough, pleaded guilty to possessing 13 grams of the class B drug, MCat, and 4.2 grams of the class A drug, cocaine, with intent to supply both, on October 9 last year. Sentencing, Judge Philip Head described Baker as "a self-employed pedlar, trading on his own."

He told the defendant: "Two years ago you started taking MCat and developed a dependency on it and when it wasn't enough you started abusing cocaine too.

"It's clear from the content on your mobile phone that it wasn't a one-off and you'd previously been dealing at a relatively low level.
"Where you were dealing is an aggravating feature.
"You were in a nightclub and were under the influence yourself and there's no doubt you were looking for customers.
"The risk is that people in clubs get persuaded to try it and a process begins for further use – that's why it's wicked.
"People get introduced to it and then get sucked in.
"It would have been putting others on the same path that you were on.
"I accept your basis of plea, that you sold the drugs in order to pay for your own habit and for commercial gain.
"It involved a pattern of conduct."

James Varley, mitigating, said: "He was using MCat with cocaine as a top up.
"He was introduced to MCat when he was 46 and it was then known as a legal high and he quickly fell into an addiction.
"He was given MCat at a football match, whilst watching City play, and then quickly fell from grace.
"He went from being a self-employed plumber, with a partner and a nice house with plenty of disposable income to dependent on the drug.
"Following the death of his father, he sought more solace in MCat.
"He became homeless, lost his job and partner and was at rock bottom when he committed the offences."

The court heard he had since sought professional help and had given up cocaine completely and had almost weaned himself MCat.
Mr Varley said he had a new partner who had nothing to do with drugs and new work opportunities as he "is now trying to bounce back."

Source: Leicester Mercury

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