About City Watch

An Intelligence Manager oversees City Watch encouraging a co-ordinated approach with businesses and Police, gathering, disseminating data and intelligence.

An evening economy association with City Watch was first introduced in September 2005 as the leisure side of City Watch expanded.

How Does it Work?

  • Businesses in the City Centre join City Watch and sign up to the data protection act. This allows certain confidential information to be shared between member premises, Police etc.
  • Client representatives attend a security briefing on a monthly basis and Information / intelligence and images are exchanged at this meeting.

Benefits of City Watch

In partnership with City Watch your business joins a wide network of other businesses working together to provide a safer shopping and working environment.

You and your business will benefit in the following ways:

  • Reduce stock loss by preventing and deterring theft
  • Reduce crime and fear by deterring violent behaviour
  • Develop effective partnerships between the Police and the business community
  • Enable security staff to be deployed more effectively
  • Keeping your staff informed through reference material and photographs on active criminals
  • Promote a more relaxed business environment and encourage more customers
  • Exclusion notices can be served on target criminals excluding them from entering all  City Watch business premises
  • Businesses work closer by sharing information
  • Training for staff on all aspects of City Watch guidelines


Become a City Watch Member

Complete the simple sign-up form on our contact page and we'll provide information on our award winning crime prevention programmes.

City Watch encourages the reduction of crime by preventative methods and makes your City Centre unattractive to offenders, and consequently improves the environment for customers.

Crime Stoppers, ACIS
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Our Members

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