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Leicester Magistrates Court Results

Posted Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I have today been authorised by Leicester City Magistrates to receive all Court results via a secure E mail, CJSM. I hope this will be over the next couple of days and once received convicted persons details will be published on the City Watch web site.
I encourage you all to access the site look for the news heading and a drop down box of offenders will appear. When persons are detained for theft I have suggested the offender is informed that once convicted their details will appear on the Web for all to see.
A joint poster, Police and CW, has been designed for display in shops/holdings room, once it is authorised by the Police I will circulate it. This will be similar to STOP STEALING FROM SHOPS, ONCE CONVICTED YOUR DETAILS WILL APPEAR ON THE WWW FOR ALL YOUR RELATIVES,FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS TO SEE.
We are getting 290 hits a day from persons looking at this site/information and it is hoped that by publicising this it will deter persons from stealing.

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