Become a Member of Citywatch

Being part of City Watch our members receive the following:

  • Intelligence Manager administers and develops an effective partnership between the Police and businesses
  • Monthly intelligence briefings with Police, City Watch, intelligence manager and clients
  • Images of current offenders will be disseminated
  • Staff training on prevent and deter theft, conflict resolution¬†
  • Use of radios
  • Data protection registration
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Membership to Midland Regional Crime Initiative, (MRCI) to share intelligence relating to travelling criminals
  • Maintain computer records for Active Crime Intelligence System (ACIS) crime pattern analysis, linking 250 other schemes nationwide to combat travelling criminals
  • Daily intelligence disseminated by secure email

Become a City Watch Member

Complete the simple sign-up form on our contact page and we'll provide information on our award winning crime prevention programmes.

City Watch encourages the reduction of crime by preventative methods and makes your City Centre unattractive to offenders, and consequently improves the environment for customers.

Crime Stoppers, ACIS
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